Areas We Serve

Lake of Pines Dental Serving all in Lake of the Pines, California 

Welcome to Lake of Pines Dental! We are so happy and excited to welcome you to our office and look forward to getting to know you and helping you maintain your perfect smile. In our office, our priority is to provide you with the best possible care in a comfortable environment where you feel safe and relaxed. To provide you with the best care, each member of our team stays up to date with training in new and original dental procedures and treatments and new dental technologies. 

Each patient that steps foot into our office is promised tailored and personalized care for their specific dental needs and wants. You will work closely with our dentists and other members so we can help determine exactly what you need and to be sure you are educated and aware of your treatments. 

One part of dental care that we put a focus on is preventive dentistry. We find it severely important to educate our patients on how to best take care of their teeth, by coming in for regular cleanings and check-ups and practicing excellent at-home oral health care. Even though we all try to prevent dental problems from arising, they still can, but no need to worry because we have you covered. Below is a list of just some dental procedures that we offer either to restore your teeth or enhance their beauty. 

Surrounding Areas We Serve

If you are in Lake of the Pines, near Auburn, California, or other surrounding cities including Cool and New Castle, and require a new dentist to help you with your smile, give our office, Lake of Pines Dental a call. We are equipped and ready to help you with all different types of dental needs that you may come to us with. 

We have loved serving our community and helping you with your dental needs, it’s what we live for. If you have any questions or concerns about our services and what exactly we can offer you and your family, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to answer any questions and get you in as soon as possible.