How Sedation Can Help with Dental Phobia and Anxiety Lake of the pines dental dentist in Auburn California

How Sedation Can Help with Dental Phobia and Anxiety

How Sedation Can Help with Dental Phobia and Anxiety. At Lake of the Pines Dental, we pride ourselves on being aware of how our patients feel while in our office and the dental chair. We understand that not every patient that comes to see us is excited about the treatment. Dr. Harris has made it his priority to spend time speaking with and getting to know our patients. This is especially true for patients who have anxiety surrounding the dentist and treatment. To help make our patients feel more comfortable and calm, we offer a couple of different types of methods for deep relaxation. 

Sedation Methods 

Each method that we offer is safe and effective. Below, we have listed three of our sedation methods and a little bit about each one to better understand how sedation works and how it can help you. 

Laughing Gas

Nitrous Oxide is the mildest form of sedation dentistry that is available to patients. Nitrous Oxide is a gas that is mixed with oxygen. It is breathed, by the patient, through a mask. The medication is given before and during dental procedures. Being a mild form, you, the patient, will be awake and aware of the entire treatment. Yet, you will be experiencing relaxation. As soon as we remove the mask, Dr. Harris and his team will give you oxygen to reverse the medication. You will be completely aware and able to drive. 

Nitrous oxide can be used on child and adult patients who have anxiety about a procedure or need a little relaxation to make it through their treatment. If you or a member of your family would enjoy this form of sedation, please speak to us about it at your next visit. 

Oral Sedation

Another form of light sedation is oral sedation. Patients will receive a pill one hour before the dental appointment. The medication that is often given is Halcion, which is a benzodiazepine. Halcion is in the same medication class as Valium. For more information about how oral sedation can help you, call our office.

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IV Sedation

IV Sedation is a moderate to deep form of sedation that we offer in our office. Here at Lake of the Pines Dental, we perform more extensive procedures such as root canals and wisdom teeth extractions. These could require moderate to deep sedation for the patient. Right before your procedure, you will receive an IV in your arm, which will administer medicine. An intravenous catheter, or an IV, is inserted with a needle inside a catheter. Once the catheter, like a tiny straw, is placed in the vein, the needle is removed. The catheter will then allow the medication to flow into your bloodstream.

IV sedation is offered in both moderate and deep conscious options. With the moderate option, you will not be unconscious, but you might sleep through your entire procedure. You may be awake but unaware of what is happening in your mouth. With the deep conscious option, or general anesthesia, you will not be able to follow commands, and you will not remember the procedure. For patients who have severe fear and anxiety around dental procedures, you may benefit from IV sedation. Please express your wants and needs to one of our team members at your next appointment.

Give us a Call 

We care about your comfort in our office and will do anything we can to ensure that you have a positive experience while receiving care. If you believe you would benefit from sedation dentistry, please speak with us about how you feel, and we will help. We are located in Auburn, California, and we are ready to take your call.