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Dentures in Auburn, CA

Tooth loss can take a toll on your ability to eat, speak, and confidently smile. If you’re missing many or all of your natural teeth, don’t settle for an impaired quality of life – get your smile back with dentures from Lake of the Pines Dental in Auburn, CA. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Matthew Harris, offers premium full and partial denture solutions to renew your oral function and appearance.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable dental appliances that replace missing teeth. They consist of a gum-colored acrylic base fitted with natural-looking artificial teeth. Dentures help restore your smile and allow you to chew and speak properly.

There are two main types:

Full dentures replace an entire arch of upper or lower teeth after all-natural teeth are gone. They rely on natural suction and denture adhesives to stay in place.

Partial dentures fill gaps left by missing teeth by clipping onto remaining healthy teeth. They prevent your bite from shifting after tooth loss.


What are the Benefits of Dentures?

While dentures take some getting used to, they offer numerous benefits over living with missing teeth, including:

  • Restored ability to eat a variety of foods
  • Clearer speech without mumbling or slurring
  • Improved facial muscles and fullness
  • Renewed confidence to smile and socialize
  • Convenient, affordable tooth replacement

With today’s advanced dental materials and techniques, modern dentures are more comfortable, functional, and natural-looking than ever before.


Our Denture Services

At Lake of the Pines Dental, we provide customized full and partial dentures tailored to each patient’s unique needs and anatomy. We also offer implant-supported dentures for enhanced stability and jawbone retention.

Full and Partial Dentures 

After preparatory treatments like extractions or periodontal care, we take precise impressions and measurements to design your custom dentures. Our dental lab handcrafts each prosthetic using high-quality, durable materials. You can select the ideal tooth color, shape, and positioning for results that look and feel natural.

Implant-Supported Dentures 

Traditional full dentures rest directly on the gums, which can cause slipping, irritation, and accelerated bone loss over time. Implant dentures are anchored in place by strategically placed dental implants. These artificial tooth roots fuse with your jawbone, stimulating bone growth and stabilizing your dentures. No more messy adhesives or diet limitations—you can eat, speak, and smile confidently!


What To Expect When Getting Dentures

Getting dentures takes some time and multiple appointments, but the process is straightforward:

  1. Initial consultation – Dr. Harris examines your mouth and discusses your goals to determine the right denture solution.
  2. Preparatory procedures – Any remaining teeth are extracted or repaired, and the gums are readied.
  3. Impressions and models – We take digital scans or physical impressions of your mouth to create models for designing your custom dentures.
  4. Wax bite – You try on a wax model version to check fit, bite, shape, and esthetics.
  5. Denture fittings – Your final dentures are tried on and precisely adjusted as needed.

Once your dentures feel snug and comfortable, Dr. Harris provides instructions for gradual wear and proper home care.


Caring For Your New Dentures

Dentures require some special handling and cleaning to keep them feeling fresh and lasting as long as possible:

  • Take dentures out and rinse them after eating to remove food particles
  • Use a soft-bristle brush and denture cleaner to scrub away plaque and bacterial buildup gently
  • Always keep dentures partially submerged in water or denture solution when not in use to prevent drying out and warping
  • Handle dentures carefully over a soft surface to avoid dropping and cracking them
  • Never use boiling water to clean dentures, as it can permanently damage acrylic
  • Visit Lake of the Pines Dental for adjustments as needed and regular exams and oral cancer screenings

You can enjoy many years of confident smiles and easy eating with proper denture hygiene and care! Dr. Harris and our team are always here to answer any questions.


Reclaim Your Smile & Quality of Life With Dentures in Auburn

Don’t let missing teeth keep you from eating the foods you love, speaking clearly, or smiling fully. Custom dentures from Lake of the Pines Dental in Auburn, CA, can rebuild your smile and restore an improved quality of life.

To explore our affordable denture solutions and learn more from Dr. Matthew Harris, request your consultation today. Regain the ability to enjoy all life has to offer with complete confidence!