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Restorative Dentistry in Auburn, California

Our teeth, due to many factors such as poor oral hygiene and natural depletion, are susceptible to cavities and other dental problems. At Lake of Pines Dental in Auburn, California, we encourage our patients to stay up to date with their bi-yearly cleanings and examinations and also perform excellent at-home oral hygiene to avoid dental problems from occurring. Sometimes, however, after all you can do, dental problems still occur and restorative dental procedures are needed to keep your smile pretty and healthy.

Restorative Dental Procedures 

We offer and perform a wide range of restorative procedures that can help restore your teeth after almost any form of damage, even if you have to end up losing the tooth, we got you covered. Below we have listed some of the more popular restorative procedures that we perform almost every day in our office. 

Filling: After a cavity has been diagnosed and then removed by the dentist, it is necessary to fill in the hole where the cavity once was in your tooth. If not filled with a dental material, the open tooth would be highly susceptible to major decay and even tooth loss. In this procedure, the dentist picks a matching tooth-colored resin, a dental material, that will fill the tooth. Once hardened the dentist will shape down the filling to fit into your natural bite. 

Dental Crowns: When a cavity is too far spread in the tooth and after being removed, would require a large space to fill, a dental crown would be used instead of a filling. The dental crown is a custom-made tooth cap that is placed and bonded onto what is standing on the natural tooth. Each crown is made of either a composite dental material or porcelain, both making your new tooth strong and able to withstand daily use. 

Dental Implants: In our office, it is common that we have patients come into us with gaps in their smiles from their teeth either falling out or having to be pulled out due to decay. To help these specific patients have a whole smile again, we offer dental implants. The dental implant is made up of two parts, the implant, which is a titanium rod placed underneath the gums and into the jaw bone to act as the root of the tooth. The second part is the crown, just as we use for severe cavities, a crown can be used to place on top of the implant, making it a complete tooth.

Our team at Lake of Pines Dental here in Auburn, California, are highly trained and practiced in all restorative dental procedures to guarantee that you are only getting the best care. Restoring your smile is not only amazing for the appearance of your smile, but it also benefits and increases your overall confidence. If you would like to learn more about our restorative procedures and if you could benefit from them, or if you have any questions, give us a call or stop by our office today.